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Hey! Das hier wird der Auslandsblog von Luci
Sie schreibt auf Englisch aus amerika. Lexxi schreibt auf Deutsch aus Deutschland. Enjoy!



Hey guys! The entry you've been waiting for!

Here it finally is!

My first entry from America:

I would have wrote earlier, sorry, but my hostmum didn't have Internet until today.

I have so much to tell you, but I should start at the beginning.

My journey started at Friday, 21st of August. After breakfast, me and my parents drove to the airport of Hannover. My brother was staying home, we said bye to each other in front of the house... my sweet little brother

At the airport we checked in (after repacking my suitcases because my hand luggage was to big and to heavy... ), drank something and I got a new little bag for my tickets etc. because my dwarf-bag that I brought with me wasn't large enough. And then we waited.

At 12 o'clock I had to go in the waiting zone... omg I was crying so much that three people asked me if I was okay... I always nodded but it was obviously NOT okay...

After speaking one last time to my parents, separated by a glass wall, I continued crying and got picked up by a man and his wife. They talked to me the whole way from the gate to our plane and even inside. The flight was amazing! The plane didn't fly so high cause it was only a 1hour flight. So I was able to see the world from above... CRAZY!!! Everything seems to be so small and after a little bit more than one hour you are in Munich... and that is kind of at the other end of Germany!

In Munich, we had to ride the bus to get to the airport building. There I had to say bye to the kind man and his wife and had to admit to myself that the bus had left me at the opposite ending of this huge airport. Probably just to annoy me. Or no: Surely just to annoy me.

Well, but I somehow got on this plane to Chicago and even managed to call my parents and text to some people AND eat and drink something.

The plane that would bring me to Chicago was much more bigger than the on I had been flying with before. There were three parts of seats, two on the right side, three in the middle and two on the left side. First I sat in the middle. But then a stewardess asked me to change seats to offer more space to the women next to me (cause one of them was... well,.... a little bit overweight. A LITTLE BIT). So I changed to the seat next to a really sweet woman.

This woman spoke neither German nor English. She was from Serbia. But she was so cute.^^

We got drinks and lunch in the plane and later also a little snack. We could hear music or watch films. Yeah and not any old films, no: the new star trek (!) and a few others... AWESOME!

But even with all this distraction, over 9 hours of flying SUCK. I was tired but wasn't able to sleep, because the sun was still shining outside, because we were flying with the time zone (Topeka is about 7 hours back, Chicago about 6 I think). Everything in my body hurt and the man sitting right over the path smelled terrible

About 3 hours before landing we had to fill out the immigration and declaration forms. No problem for me, but for the cute woman besides me... well, let's say, I had to fill out two of these forms.^^

So I finally landed in this EVEN HUGER airport in Chicago. Chicago itself is huge. From above, it's a neverending field of lights. EVEN MORE AWESOME

So I was standing there, had to line up to get to the immigration officer... and getting more and more nervous... but I made it!

During the waiting time I talked to another guy named Lars who was also from Germany. And fortunately he had to get to the same terminal! So I got my suitcases (which were completely okay then! This is going to be important later... ), ran after Lars, got behind the declaration officer, left my suitcases there and ran again after Lars to get the train to Terminal 1. That was STRESS!! But a nice airport officer explaining me that I was on the right way calmed me a little bit down. Not much later (only a little bit running after Lars) I had to line up again... I don't know why Americans always have to line up... and get through the security check. Lars disappeared cause he had only 5 minutes left to bord (but not without informing me to which gate I was expected to go^^ sweet guy). But I met ANOTHER guy... I don't know why I've been meeting people the whole day.... He was from America, flying from Chicago to Minnesota (I think) and it was really nice to talk with him (and having him making compliments about me ;P). And than I had to run again and.... AND,...A N D.... „the flight to Kansas City is going to be about 2 hours late“ *römms* Luci getting mad.

I was SO TIRED. I caught me falling asleep every second minute. So I got something to drink. And had to sit down again. But fortunately – GUESS WHAT – I met -HA? KNOW IT ALREADY – YES – another guy.

Well, he was so kind to promise me that he would wake me up when the bording of our flight would start, so I could take a nap.... what can I say: many cute guys! ^^

In the end, the plane was only about 1.5 hours late and I don't remember much of the flight from Chicago to Kansas City besides more fields of light. I was so tired. Moreover, my mobile had changed its language from German to English on its own – completely confusing me.

So I was in a kind of trance when landing in Kansas City. I got of the plane AND FINALLY (no, not another guy, sorry that I have to disappoint you ) I MET


OMG this woman is so kind and friendly and SWEET. Teresa, my local representive was also there and with her there was her german foreign exchange student, Johanna.

I was so tired, I wasn't even able to think. We somehow got my suitcases (I have to tell you about them in my next entry! Its horrible...), got into Valerie's car and survive the driving to Topeka, about 90 minutes. At this point, my journey already had lastened about 21 hours. 21!!! So we got to this sweet house in Topeka, got off the car and got inside. The two dogs, Pomeranians, welcomed me, but I was going to sleep very quick. That was my first experience in Topeka. The last time I looked at my clock, it was about 3 o'clock in the morning IN TOPEKA. So it was about 10 o'clock in Germany.

That's enough for the first entry, sry guys! I will be back as soon as I can! I'm so busy the whole day and when I'm at home and done with my homework, I'm so tired... I think my jet lag catches up to me...

AH, I nearly forgot something: HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDA! Have a good day!

See ya, kisses


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